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Screenshot Title Plays | Likes
Working on rhythm Working on rhythm

Using modern 'metronome'
371 | 1
Teaching toddlers to play chords Teaching toddlers to play chords

eyeNotes: Solfeggio and chords
737 | 1
Teaching 9 yr. old Teaching 9 yr. old

Ear training. Chords
3323 | 4
Teaching 5 year old student Teaching 5 year old student

Music sight-reading
26323 | 29
Sight-reading - Lesson with 6-year-old girl Sight-reading - Lesson with 6-year-old girl

Teaching sight-reading with eyeNotes
155 | 0
Reading, Playing and Loving It Reading, Playing and Loving It

Teaching in a small group
606 | 0
Music sight-reading Music sight-reading

Teaching 9 yr. old student
16189 | 15
Lesson with 3 yr.old Izabell Lesson with 3 yr.old Izabell

Importance of singing
81833 | 62
Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 5 Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 5

Learning to play Musette
244 | 0
Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 4 Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 4

Learning to play using 2 hands
303 | 0
Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 3 Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 3

Learning to play Hanon #1
331 | 0
Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 2 Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 2

'Note Alphabet' game
283 | 1
Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 1 Lesson with 3 yr. old kid. Part 1

Working with Flash Cards
1107 | 5
Learning/teaching how to transpose Learning/teaching how to transpose

6-year-old Grant
5756 | 11
Learning to play with singing. Learning to play with singing.

Importance of Solfeggio
947 | 1

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